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4 Advantages For Using HIAB MULTILIFT Hooklifts

Chances are that if you have worked with or used a commercial work truck, you are familiar with the term hooklift. But if you're asking yourself what they are, you probably know exactly what they look like on the road without realizing it. So, what is a hooklift and how can adding a HIAB MULTILIFT to your work truck benefit you?

In Layman's terms, a hooklift is a heavy-duty truck chassis that has been fitted with a hydraulic hooklift hoist. The flexibility of the HAIB MULTILIFT Hooklift is attractive in that one MULTILIFT truck can serve many purposes in industries such as waste, recycling, construction rescue, and defense.

Here are 4 advantages to a MULTILIFT hydraulic hooklift system.

Performance & Reliability

The MULTILIFT hooklift system is stacked with optional functions to boost your performance and efficiency while meeting your business needs and are market leaders with reliability that give the competitive edge with all load-handling challenges. You can tailor your MULTILIFT with control options that are outside, in-cab, radio remote controlled, or a customized combination. CorrosionResistant™ technology uses a high-quality zinc-based primer and finishing coat to create long-lasting corrosion resistance that is applied pre-assembly to prevent corrosion. Solid cast iron reinforcements are used at all critical stress points which eliminates fatigue, cracking, and breaking that are common in other hooklift brands. Reliability can be seen down to the last pin and rod which is stronger, more wear-resistant than mild or stainless steel Zinc/Nickel which is also coated for maximum corrosion resistance. Guiding a container in and out of tight spaces, initiating load pick-up, and straightening out prior to loading the container onto hooklift is like maneuvering a trailer. To complete the job, soft lowering automatically slows the container down using friction relief to eliminate wear and tear on the container and hooklift. MULTILIFT is ISO 9001 certified for meeting the international standard for quality management for demonstrating its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement.


Get more from your investment for longer with features that optimize efficiency for every load, day in and day out. The weight and speed of MULTILIFT hook lift equate to more payloads a week with cycle times up to 90% faster than its competitors, which indirectly increases profit for your business. Features such as the above-ground container engagement, allow for better visibility when connecting to the container which saves time on clean up of potential debris. EvoLight™ construction allows for more per payload with all MULTILIFT hooklifts because it is 25% lighter and up to 60%faster.


Optimized safety is a business essential to protect both operators and the external working environment. MULTILIFT hook lifts are designed with practical operating needs in mind. Features such as SafetyPlus™ uses cutting-edge innovations to help eliminate risks and Quiet Performance™ uses friction relief technology that lifts the front of the body and eliminates vibration and noise, protecting the ears from dangerously loud noises. Lift cylinders double as shock absorbers during transport on rough and off-road conditions for safer transport. MULTILIFT is OHSAS 18001 certified for meeting the British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems that are recognized and implemented worldwide.


Equipment that works in the waste and recycling ecosystem must be sustainable to be a viable part of the sustainability circular value chain. MULTILIFT hooklifts have a high strength/low weight ratio which allows a heavier payload during transportation which in turn saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 25% during active operation in comparison to its competitors. MULTILIFT is ISO 14001 certified for meeting the International standard requirements for an effective environmental management system.

HIAB is the global leader in on-road load handling equipment. For selection, savings and service, we make MULTILIFT our only choice in hydraulic hooklift systems. Contact us to start your custom build today.

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